Agata Szydlowska Katarzyna Krupa

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Agata Szydłowska – Trainer, User Experience Expert & Entrepreneur. Develops and delivers training programs to companies and individuals in the area of innovation and well-being. Facilitator at “Projektanci Innowacji PFR” (‘Designers of Innovation’) Poland-wide initiative sponsored by Google and Polish Development Fund. Worked at Google for 8+ years in the area of user experience, focusing on the development of online help tools for SMBs that use Google AdWords.

Katarzyna Krupa – Trainer and Design Thinking moderator. Facilitator at “Projektanci Innowacji PFR” the educational program run in cooperation between Google and the Polish Development Fund. Expert in designing innovation workshops and transitioning from traditional to hybrid & online learning. 10 years of experience as a Global Program Manager for People Development at Google.

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Day 1
Apply step-by-step “Creative Skills for Innovation” design thinking framework used at Google to solve your Hackathon challenge and come up with meaningful innovation. 19:00