Gleb Maltsev

[ Pitch Coach ]

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Gleb listens to around 1,000 speeches a year ranging from a 60-second pitch to a 45-minute keynote. He’s trained presenters for industry-wide pitching showcases such as Slush, Latitude59, TechChill and LOGIN. He’s the co-founder of Fundwise, a founder-to-investor pitching platform with a 68% success rate and raising over 2.8 mln EUR for over a dozen projects. Every year he works with executives from almost every industry that would make the world a bit better, or at least have a shot at doing so. Around a 100 of those execs have gone on to pitch at trade fairs such as the Mobile World Congress, Smart City Expo, conhIT, boot Düsseldorf, Bygg Reis Deg, or BAU.

Fields I can help with: Pitching / Storytelling / Writing / Coaching
An additional fact: Mentored at three Hack the Crisis hackathons, with two more on-going.

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Day 2
Fundamentals Of Pitching 20:00