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Could you create a web platform improving tomorrow’s health care? Could you make an app raising awareness of the challenges of living with a rare disease? Could your emergency system provide the right answer at the right time, which could save a life? Health is everything. How can people take better care of themselves? Any ideas, any solutions? Join HackYeah – the biggest stationary hackathon in the world and work with a team of extraordinary developers and mentors to find a way to help people on Earth.



Team name: We Make Buttons
Project name: Sprawdź Włos
Team members: Kamil Dzieniszewski, Piotr Korlaga, Krzysztof Jedynak, Krystian Gorski

What the project is about? The solution proposed by the team is a website where anyone interested in their parcels can check whether the hair has reached the foundation and receive feedback at the same time. In addition, Facebook users can receive the answers 24 hours a day through our ChatBot!
Project description: The Rak’n’Roll Foundation helps going through cancer with dignity and joy. The Foundation creates programs which fill gaps in the system and address the needs of patients and their relatives. One of the projects is titled Daj Włos! through which one can donate own braids for women’s wigs during oncological treatment. In 2018, 41 thousand parcels with hair were sent to the Foundation. This number is multiplied each year. Each shipment causes great emotion for the donor, because he or she gives a piece of himself for a right cause. That is why it is very important to give everyone feedback, confirmation and send “thanks” for the gift. Despite the automated solutions used by the Foundation, many people contact the Foundation’s office (by phone and through social media channels) to get information about their shipment. The Foundation’s employees estimate that answering questions about shares and confirming the receipt of hair takes about 50% of working time for three employees from a 7-person office team each day. This time could be devoted to directly help people with cancer.


Team name: ServoCode Unicorns
Project name: Fellcare
Team members: Konrad Kaim, Sebastian Konkol, Igor Mańka

What the project is about? Decreasing senior deaths by increasing its safety
Project description: In Poland, 3 in 10 seniors live alone. Who will help them if they fall? We, armed with machine learning, wanted to help them! Fallcare is the application that messages relatives about the fall of the elder so they can come to rescue.



Lots of children and students still don’t have access to an appropriate and well-structured education system. Hackers helping people? Oh yes! This track is notable because of persisting inequality and marginalization. Could you think about a platform that would help kids with homework? Could you make a VR game that could improve the development of quality education and training? Have you ever thought about a way to help students with preparing for exams? If yes, then join HackYeah to create new solutions for education.



Team name: Panowie Programiści
Project name: woARld

What is the project about?: WoARld is an answer to teenagers expectations (generation Z), for whom the world of new technologies is a natural environment of learnign.
Project description: WoARld is an innovative application PWA using camera to analyze image. The App has been created on a 100% own idea, and it’s dedicated to teenagers for whom modern technologies are a basic tool in learning. The App functions: analysis of geometry, recognition of historical figures, recognition of an object in 5 different languages.


Team name: TurboKorniszony
Project name: GetBadges
Team members: Michał Wilk, Łukasz Kościelniak, Piotr Niemczyk, Piotr Papiernik

What the project is about? GetBadges will revolutionize education system by implementing peer-learning and visualization of education goals.
Project description: An online platform for students and teachers that aims to empower peer-learning and support student collaboration. Combining the idea of Scrum and OpenBadges technology, it gives teachers and their pupils the opportunity to implement teaching criteria in a pleasant and engaging way. While carrying out tasks, the students would realize the goals of their education and would also be able to work with their peers. So let us make modern education truly MODERN!

Team name: tempname
Project name: Joint – Physics reimagined
Team members: Jakub Kopańko i Mateusz Sowiński-Smętny

What the project is about?: Joint aims to make Physics both approachable and visually appealing, because science is beautiful!
Project description: We all know the struggles of surviving through Maths and Physics classes. It is common knowledge that we learn more effectively using a variety of senses. Our app aims to be the go-to tool for teachers and tutors who often aren’t able to pass their knowledge in an attractive way. Joint is both an editor and a player for Physics scenarios with a handful of useful, easy to use features.



Employees in financial sector face a lot of problems these days. IT brings new solutions to the markets, but there is still much to do. Could your app develop a deep understanding of the structure and workings of finance processes? Could you make an innovative system improving banking operations? Could you prevent irregularities and fraud in financial operations with a new technology? If finance & investments are your thing, you must get the task done in this category.



Team name: AI Meetup
Project name: Pocket Lawyer
Team members: Artur Maślanka, Kornel Miszczak, Adam Niedziałkowski, Bartłomiej Rozkrut

What the project is about? Our mission is to protect the user who is usually vulnerable to traps hidden in complex agreements.
Project description: Signing contracts without reading them is reckless, yet we still do it. Our solution is the way out of this situation. First, it analyses the text of the document. Then draws the user’s attention to the records in the contract that are non-compliant with law or generate high risk. Finally the tool checks for presence of suspicious entities. It all happens in a blink of an eye using simply a smartphone camera.


Team name: CyberTech
Project name: Aplikacja BPPinder, Analiza behawioralna
Team members: Marek Bazan, Tomasz Janiczek, Grzegorz Malczewski, Przemysław Krasiński, Jakub Filinger, Jakub Sokołowski

What the project is about? The solutions that we proposed are important because are importanr since
they enable to connect people, who have similar customs in governing their money. From the point of view of open finance banking clients the solution enables to create a community of people who challenge similar problems concerning banking.
Project description: The project that we prepared had two parts.
For open banking customers:
1. The application for connecting of open banking customers with a similar behaviors concerning their way of spending money. The application enables to present to the clients that spend their money in personalizaed locations. Matching of clients is based on the history of the transactions on the accounts
and places where money are spent. Besides of clients matching the application also enables to connect clients directly using a chat.
For banks:
2. The system for behavioral analysis of buying and inter-banking transfers customs of open banking clients that enable to classify the client concerning various money spending behaviors. Classification can be used by the bank to establish a target group to propose a new financial product.

Team name: FinPlay
Project name: FinPlay – Learn finance in entertaining way!
Team members: Mateusz Janczura, Mikołaj Noga

Project description: FinPlay is a smartphone app for teenagers. It teaches personal finance through scenario-based gameplay. During the game the player makes decisions which affect his level of happiness and wealth and learns about the consequences of those choices. The basic concepts of personal finances, planning and responsibility as well as knowledge about various banking products are what teenager gets familiar with in an engaging and entertaining way.
Although the final users are teenagers, our client would be the bank willing to attract them as their customers or future customers. This is a great opportunity to reach young audience and also improve PR, as the app would benefit future generation by teaching them the basics of finance.





Mastering your personal finances can be challenging, especially in the world of overwhelming amount of data. There are over 31M bank accounts in Poland, 69% of Poles declare to have savings, but it’s estimated that average Pole has a debt of 5,5K PLN. Finding your way in the maze of bank accounts, financial products and investment options seems almost impossible. Can banks be helpful in figuring out the way out?
Could you develop a solution that would analyze and model the data, open the bank to customers and allow them to understand and get advantage of their financial situation? With the unlimited possibilities that open banking offers, become a..
– Collector and aggregate data from various sources,
– Profiler and identify behavioral patterns,
– Detective and track spending habits,
– Guide and direct towards personal goals,
– Fortune teller and predict financial needs,
– Artist and visualize a complete picture of one’s finance,
– Friend and build up client’s financial confidence.

With access to unprecedented amount of data, open banking opens countless possibilities!



Team name: Lazy Blasters
Project name: Monthly
Team members: Mateusz Bajko, Mateusz Markiewicz, Martyna Markiewicz, Filip Karwowski, Łukasz Gryc, Agata Mróz

What the project is about? Application for subscription control and gathering information about places where we have given your card details. Based on PKO open API.
Project description: It is an easy to use system, which using data analysis of your credit card operations and detects all your paid subscriptions. It gives you the perfect tool to keep track of all ongoing payments. Monthly can make savings for you by moving the sum of intended value of subscriptions to your saving account. You can generate money every month without any effort.

Team name: DRAMATeam
Project name: Spełniamy marzenia
Team members: Agnieszka Pająk, Mateusz Małota, Tomasz Dubiel, Piotr Rasztabiga, Antoni Pelka, Marek Wróbel

What the project is about? The intelligent banking system that helps its clients fulfill their dreams.
Project description: The projects focuses on helping the bank’s clients fulfill their dreams. The system analyzes the financial situation of its clients and provides them with specific financial paths to achieve their goals. The Bank itself becomes the place where clients can go through the whole process starting from declaring their goals to receiving them.




Join the Visa Challenge at the HackYeah 2018 Hackathon! We are looking for a disruption in payments, new, innovative and creative ways to improve the payment experience for anyone, anywhere or embed payments in customer journeys. We are thrilled to see how Visa platforms and APIs can power new solutions.
Imagine how the commerce experience, either in offline or online world (or combined) could look like in the future. Think about how customers are buying and how merchants are selling. Design the new quality and new value propositions around the commerce experience. And embed the seamless and secure payments into your solution that will be powered by Visa APIs.

Do not limit your imagination! Consider Visa’s APIs, unique payment network and network data to drive your innovation. We will consider the value your solution brings to the end users as well as the way your solution leverages technologies and APIs available from Visa. We also encourage exploring integrations of Visa APIs with solutions and capabilities enabled by other partners.



Team name: fringers
Project name: Ez Bill Sharing
Team members: Fabian Kapuścik, Jakub Król, Robert Kuna, Aleksander Surman, Konrad Kraszewski, Patryk Lizoń

What the project is about? Split bills in a frictionless way and pay your debts instantly.
Project description: Everyone can relate to this situation: you are ordering lunch at work for multiple people, you are going out with you friends for some beers or you and your friends are meeting for dinner. The waiter is coming and asking for payment and he’s not able to split the bill or its just faster if someone lays out money for the whole group.

Our goal is simple: split bills in a frictionless way. We developed a mobile app which enables users to split common bills instantly with their friends.

It provides the opportunity to set up shared bills, distinguish every participant, suggesting which of your friends to share with and even discover your colleagues in your close range (via Bluetooth). We want to make sure that the next time no one will forget to pay his friend back. To achieve that, we chose to use the VISA Direct API, especially the MultiPullFunds function, which allows us to initiate a payment from multiple VISA credit cards (senders) to one destination (receiver).



Join the Visa Challenge at the HackYeah 2018 Hackathon! We are looking for a disruption in payments, new, innovative and creative ways to improve the payment experience for anyone, anywhere or embed payments in customer journeys. We are thrilled to see how Visa platforms and APIs can power new solutions.
Internet of Things and Connected Devices is the new era of payments. The space surrounding us is already and will become more connected through technologies and new services. Visa believes that new technologies and solutions emerging in these categories will greatly shape the way people access financial services, shop, consume content etc.
Imagine the future intelligent and connected world and design solution that will unlock new commerce opportunities. Remember – Visa through our platforms and APIs wants to be part of any payment experiences in these new, emerging ecosystems.
Do not limit your imagination! Consider Visa’s APIs, unique payment network and network data to drive your innovation. We will consider the value your solution brings to the end users as well as the way your solution leverages technologies and APIs available from Visa. We also encourage exploring integrations of Visa APIs with solutions and capabilities enabled by other partners.



Team name: Racional Tractor
Project name: Beacoin
Team members: Konrad Pękala, Dawid Bartosz, Arkadiusz Słowik, Maksymilian Demitriaszek, Dominik Ruman, Jakub Mularski

What the project is about? Beacoin lets people make payments in fast and completely contactless way
Project description: We’ve created an app, which introduces bluetooth technology to world of payments. With Beacoin mobile app you can easily pay for e.g. your dinner with only two clicks without waiting for a waiter. To make it possible, we’ve used Beacons from Estimote to get very accurate location of user and we’ve connected to Visa Api in reason to get payment data and make payments to merchant.

CYBERSECURITY by Polish Armed Forces


Stay tuned! It will be published soon.


HARDWARE HACKING by Horus Energia Ltd


Stay tuned! It will be published soon.




Stay tuned! It will be published soon.




Insurers to make proper risk assessment need to ask many questions. Process is very time consuming and inconvenient for both client and the insurer. Do we need to ask all those questions? Couldn’t we gather required data from the Internet?
We all know that Internet is full of all kinds of data, but the issue is how to collect it effectively and structure it into form useful for the insurer. Part of this data could be used to replace currently asked questions but maybe you could find new types of data that could be used to more accurately price the offering.

Help us with gathering and initial structuring data available in the Internet in case of new proposition and risk assessment for either group product (insurance of employees) or business protection for small and medium enterprises (liability, property) in order to prepare an initial offering without asking any unnecessary questions.



Team name: justCheckingHow
Project name: Ask IT Never
Team members: Paweł Kulig, Wojciech Lysek, Kacper Mularczyk, Szymon Steczek, Dawid Worek, Witold Wydmański

What the project is about? An automated data gathering hub for insurance agents which will help them accelerate the process
Project description: Acquiring insurance is a long and arduous task, based on a universally hated activity – filling out forms. Insurance agents need all the data they can gather to decide on insurance amount and whether to grant it at all. The more they can find on their own, the less questions they will have to ask.
We aimed to help them in this task and created an
automated tool which provides them answers – so that you won’t have to.



People use Internet on daily basis to search for data but also leave their digital footprint all over the net. Combined with statistical data available from many different sources it might be possible to model trends and build an algorithm that will give a scoring of how healthy is the area that we live or work in.
Based upon publicly available information, e.g. distance from green areas, industrial facilities, health services, but also air quality index or statistical information on serious illnesses and number of deaths from causes other than natural it could be possible to create an algorithm that would allow to indicate whether the area we live in is beneficiary for our health or if it poses a serious risk that could eventually cause serious impact on our health.

Do not limit yourself only to well-known data sources, we are open for every suggestion what could have been overlooked. Whatever can help our Clients in being aware about their health and lifestyle can actually help us in building value for us as an insurer.



Team name: Slavic&Soma
Project name: Geolocational Data Visualization Tool
Team members: Michał Jadczuk, Piotr Pałkiewicz, Paweł Szeszko, Adrian Toczydłowski, Łukasz Wałejko, Marta Zajkowska

What the project is about? This tool allows to aggregate data sets from multiple sources to provide a single risk score for each region, with might prove useful for estimating insurance cost.
Project description: Our team created a generic tool that allows to upload, aggregate and visualize data sets with geolocational records from various domains – including healthcare. Thanks to dynamic weights applied to each data set with instant visual feedback, it allows data analysts to create risk maps that rate each region separately based on the chosen features with custom importance factors.

HEALTH NEEDS MAPS by Ministry of Health


Do you know what to do prevent people from travelling for health too much? Do you know how to provide good and fast health care everywhere? If so, apply to the Hackathon. We are waiting for you!



Team name: WeCanHelpYou
Project name: ICanHelp
Team members: Bartosz Gaj, Vlad Udovychenko, Tomasz Spyrka, Bartosz Wilk, Łukasz Wróbel

What the project is about? Our mission is to connect people who need help with people who know how and want to give it.
Project description: Ambulances very often do not have the ability to quickly reach the injured person. The profession of a lifeguard is becoming less and less popular, people more and more often think selfishly and do not look at other people’s harm.
We offer an application that supports emergency medical services and promotes ancillary activities among people. Thanks to it, we get people used to subject of first aid, and our heroes prove that helping is great.

Qualified people are registered to the system basing on certificates. In case of an accident, the person reporting the problem in the emergency dispatch office in addition to the ambulance will be able to count on the selfless help of our volunteers who will be in the vicinity of the threat.
The application searches for people within a certain radius of the event. Each of these people receives a notification that they can accept and support the rescue system. Such people can be on the scene of the accident much faster, offering professional, selfless help and saving human life.

Team name: vovaostruki_f334
Project name: mNFZ
Team members: Volodymyr Ostruk, Łukasz Berwid, Artur Vasylkov, Pavlo Ivchenko

What the project is about? Our app simplifies the process of finding a proper doctor nearby combining user-friendly interface with wide functionality
Project description: mNFZ is a mobile app for iOS and Android that helps you to:
– find a specialist that you need, with online diagnose
– get schedules of treatments
– get your history of treatment
– rate doctors
– report any abuse of possible frauds from historical treatments



Do you know what to do to reduce the scale of fraud in the reimbursement of healthcare services? Do you know how to find weaknesses in the healthcare reimbursement system? Can you recognize the upcoding of medical services? If so, apply to the Hackathon. We are waiting for you!



Team name: Java Heroes
Team members: Marcin Kaczor, Daniel Górski

What the project is about? Our solution helps reduce frauds and use saved money to improve overall quality of our health system.
Project description: An application to analyze financial data from Ministry of Health to find possible frauds in healthcare reimbursement system. Our solution filters input to eliminate irrelevant and low quality data. Main algorithm uses multidimensional statistic analysis to find upcoding frauds. We used best programming language Java with Spring Boot and Hibernate.

Team name: LogicAI
Project name: Automated Fraud Detection in Healthcare System
Team members: Paweł Sienkowski

What the project is about? Every single Polish Złoty lost on frauds could be spent on the treatment instead.
Project description: We combine data analysis and data mining techniques to track down healthcare services that are exposed to fraud. For each service we create a signature, then we search for services with similar signatures, produce fraudulent candidates and finally – we evaluate them by estimating the potential loss. The outcome our algorithm produces can be used to redesign the process of inspections across the entire country.



Web application for internal transportation management on the premises of PKN ORLEN’s Production Plant in Płock that would cover bus timetable planning, defining bus stops and large-size vehicles route planning, taking into account the limitations described above. One of the forms of route presentation should be a base map of the plant. A mobile application for quick access to internal routes and timetables should constitute an additional functionality. Extra details a few days before HackYeah



Team name: Kaczuchy
Project name: OrlenYeah
Team members: Igor Podlawski, Marcin Sabat, Mateusz Stopka, Kamil Jędrkiewicz

What the project is about? We do believe that our solution – if fully implemented and enlarged – could save potentially many hours wasted on manually planning transport.
Project description: At HackYeah we choose Transportation Management task hosted by PKN Orlen a fuel industry company. They owe big plant in Płock (Poland) with plenty of roads used daily by many different trucks with various loads. Challenge we faced was to find there the best possible route including some circumstances like width or height of truck, blocked roads etc. To solve this problem in only 24hrs we’ve used ready to go pathfinding JavaScript library called EasyStar.js, our most important front-end hero was Vue.js and our map was dynamically drawn in SVG – last but not least our minimum backend was stored at firebase. Despite technology, we’ve also placed a bet on a design as we know how this is important in today’s business. Based on well-known brand attributes like red color, Arial font and high-quality logo we developt an elegant and practical design for single page application.

Team name: Blue Paprica
Project name: PKN Orlen Płock Plant – Transportation Management System
Team members: Paweł Hahn, Aleksandra Haratyk, Jakub Kulka, Kamil Chrzanowski, Andrzej Piszczek

What the project is about? The main problem of the rafinery is that various types of vehicles are using various types of roads. Our app is the to optimize transit routes and customize the rafinery’s grid in real time.
Project description: We’ve designed a solution for transport management in PKN Orlen’s rafinery in Płock.
Based on our experience and interviews with Orlen’s experts we came up with a simple and functional solution.
For setting a route we used Dijkstra algorithm, which helped us find the shortest, available and the suitable road for transported cargo (coach, oil tank etc). Based on Google Maps, we designed a dashboard for Transport Manager, where you can customize every section of the road (set custom height, width and maximum weight).

Team name: 6 muszkieterów
Project name: PKN Orlen Płock Plant – Transportation Management System
Team members: Krzysztof Piskorz, Mateusz Walczak, Mateusz Olbrycht, Tomasz Bujakowski, Bartłomiej Smagacz, Magdalena Lewińska

What the project is about? The system offers a solution to the user who does not have to count everything manually anymore.

Project description: We’ve prepared a system for managing heavy transport for PKN Orlen in Płock. We knew that the problem is very complex and that’s why we proposed a solution based on what the user really needs. During the hackathon, we conducted several interviews with employees of Orlen and created a project from schratch based on their needs.



The solution – based on the input data (files containing transaction data) – should create/update the operational database as well as the chain of transaction blocks. Additionally, it should perform the following functions: informing customers (log entry) after acceptance / execution of a transaction about a registered transaction block by sending its hash, making transaction data available to the customer on the basis of a block hash given by them, restoration of the operational database based on blockchain data, reflecting the case of consistency loss or damage to the operational database due to failure or deliberate action (cyberattacks), mechanism for cyclical verification of compliance of entries in the operational database with a blockchain created indicating non-compliance and restoration of appropriate data in the operational database. Extra details a few days before HackYeah



Team name: SoftwareMill
Project name: Vichain – Blockchain for Vita
Team members: Michał Matłoka, Tomasz Łuczak, Tomasz Szymański

What the project is about? Loyalty programmes are complex and consist of many users and transactions. Immutable and secure blockchain nature combats the challenge to make a system bulletproof to human failure and cyberattacks.
Project description: The Vichain project is a loyalty system based on blockchain technology. We had to guarantee data security (including access rights) and system’s scalability and readiness for business use, so we decided to use the Hyperledger platform – a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation. The code ensures consistency of data written on blockchain – no one can spend more points than they have. The web application offers many features, including importing and browsing transactions (along with the information on which entries are incorrect) and filtering. It also provides a client panel with the transactions of a single user along with the balance of points. The application is focused on the blockchain-backend part, assuming that after the implementation, the user interface would probably be replaced with the current interface of the Vitay platform consistent with the visual identification of Orlen.

Team name: Adam Stępień
Project name: Blockchain Technology in Loyalty System by Orlen
Team members: Adam Stępień, Adam Zdrzałka, Jerzy Mirecki, Mikołaj Toborowicz, Patryk Kwiecień, Tomasz Kańka

What the project is about? Application secures the data of everyday people and guarantees the safeness of their privacy.
Project description: Main purpose of our project is to provide IT solution which would meet all security related business requirements for loyalty system of Orlen. Our application guarantees highest standards in terms of cybersecurity thanks to decentralized blockchain technology. In addition to this, we implemented mechanism that restores and secures all of database on daily basis and reacts accordingly to any kind of computer attack or another data damaging action. For the future development, we have planned that application could be integrated with different loyalty programs (based on blockchain technology) and further advancement for mobile version of the program.

Team name: Mate
Project name: Blockchain technology in the loyality system
Team members: Máté Tősér

Project description: This project was about the blockchain technology, and I had to implement it in the loyality system. The result was a RESTful service and an user interface, where it is easy to use the functions of the application.



System for creation and validation of domain lists (Section 1) or System for monitoring security of automation systems (Section 2) – choose one. Section 1 – web application for managing sets of domains split between Whitelist (entries globally allowed) and Blacklist (entries blocked). As part of the domain management, the system should validate the input data in respect of specific criteria. The output should result in a file whose format could be defined by the user from the browser level.
Section 2 – system which would monitor security level of the entire production plant divided into particular systems/resources by verifying many security aspects including patch update implementation status and staying current with antivirus and/or antimalware policies. Based on the information collected, the system should assess the criticality level on a scale of 0:0 to 10:0. Extra details a few days before HackYeah



Team name: INDEVOPS
Project name: Unified, central updates and patches monitoring and alerting system for PKN Orlen plant automation systems
Team members: Paweł Orzechowski, Aleksander Jabłoński

What the project is about? We dream about providing to PKN Orlen and other customers central, unified and easy to use tool that can provide advanced analitytics in monitoring in every IT area, from hardware to applications.
Project description: Our focus was not to waste time for building next analitycs platform but for extending existing platform, by building extensions that allow to cover porfolio in one analytic’s engine. We built a extension named Contect Pack, which contains dashboard and queries to interactive analitycs. This Content Pack can be easily uploaded to VMware vRealize Log Insight. After adding of Content Pack, SEPM log redirection though syslog and WSUS log redirection using VMware vRealize Log Insight agent required.



Comfort, safety and fast trains are only some of the benefits available to our customers. The standard of the service that we offer our passengers is our priority, however, as it often goes in the transport sector – we work in a dynamic environment, which influences the punctuality of our trains, and the time of their arrival at their destinations etc. The goal that we wish to present you with is to create the concept of a pro-customer tool, which will be available on our website – (and also via an application; chatbot or any other online solution), its key function is the easy and simple manner in which tickets may be purchased. In addition, the process of purchasing tickets must be accompanied by options that present information, which will help the customer to plan his/her trip and also inform the customer about train delays, a change of route, buses to replace temporarily unavailable trains, locations where the luggage storage area may be found, how to collect lost luggage, how to organize trips for people with special needs or disabilities, it is especially useful for those who need an intuitive tool. It is very important to present the concept of easy contact with PKP IC in case of any issue that is not mentioned above – Customer Service Centres must be developed throughout the country.
For this purpose, geolocation should be useful to provide customers with information about the services available at each PKP railway station. We do not want to limit your creativity in such rigid and detailed tasks that is why we count on your ideas on how an online tool may be used to encourage customers to plan an inspiring trip with us. The whole scope of the services that we provide may be found in the menu on our webpage: Each topic that is considered to be important (read: Position in our menu) may become a part of the tool that you are creating. The informational layout of the tool should be flexible, so that “modules” can be added as soon as they are created in order to enrich the tool. It is worth remembering that in order to make your project creative, it must incorporate future trends and directions of development in accordance with the rule “mobile first”, the concept should be user-friendly and the GUI should be easy to view.



Team name: fringers
Project name: Accessible PKP
Team members: Patryk Lizoń, Konrad Kraszewski, Robert Kuna, Jakub Król, Aleksander Surman, Fabian Kapuścik

What the project is about? Accessible PKP, for everyone.
Project description: Have you ever tried ordering a ticket, and threw a phone out of frustration? We did.
But we didn’t just sit around, doing nothing. We came to HackYeah and reinvented mobile train ticket ordering in a smooth, simple and most importantly accessible way (tested with visually impaired people). More than 50% of Poles use smartphones every day, so we’ve put our major focus on the mobile app experience. However, we haven’t forgot about regular web users. Using React, the interface would also be readily available on the web frontpage of PKP.
We are thrilled to invite you to experience an interactive prototype of the future PKP Intercity ticketing system. Thousands of reason to travel starts right here!